There is a mono-color-cultural connection to race and IQ science. For some reason, those scientists, of a certain race, who purport its reality have gotten their inspiration, and even some of their data and ideas, handed down directly from the fascist philosophers, and racist pseudo-scientists of the past. How is it possible that today’s mono-color-culturalist scientists come up with the same results their totally oblivious-to-real-science, idiot ancestors came up with using laughingly limited samplings, and ridiculously childish stereotypes?


There is something wrong right here in River of Racism Runs Through It IQ Science-city. Therefore, we need to do…

Why are their fangs and claws out for protesters and other perspectives?

Taken by Me, RTC, May 25, 2021 in Minneapolis.


Wasn’t it freedom of speech elimination on liberal college campuses that conservatives were decrying just a few days ago, as well as forever demanding that they be allowed to hate-on women getting abortions? I guess abortion clinics are now protest free, and liberals can proceed crushing freedom of speech on college campuses. Right?


I cannot understand the fears, stresses, and mind warps of these Christian conservatives. Hypocrisy seems a foreign term to them even though the idea comes from White Western Thought. I guess White dudes…

Unfortunately I just read Strange Justice about Anita Hill, and the lying sack of sicko who became a Supreme Court Justice. What an eye opener! Not necessarily about the abuse and harassment, but about how much we don't know about people.

Not that there are abusers like CT, but knowing everything about everybody is difficult. I agree that we assume the best of/trust everyone too easily/quickly, as a replier wrote. This normal thing is used consciously or subconsciously by the abusers. We must trust most people or we would not survive as a society. …

There are also other ways to look at this concept of people getting fired, cancelled, etc. for using a word or the suggestion of certain words. It also shows the growing power of the people who are against its usage.

While it is bad when "good" people get caught up in this changing power differential, we all start thinking for a second or more about how we process our thoughts, and actions. A little hitch in our giddy-up is helpful.

Think of #MeToo, now men start worrying about what they say or do. Do some people on both sides overreact…

I agree with almost everything you said here. However, sometimes "burning" things to the ground, and starting all over is necessary. It refreshes the ground for something better. We did it in 1776. We could have just kept talking calmly with the Brits for more years, and found a way back to their bosom. But we didn't, and we changed the way nations are managed, etc., and did a few other new/good things.

Incrementalism is a status quo slo mo concept. Not everything can fit into a Revolutionary or Civil war, and that is not what I am suggesting. I…

These three men are merely "cleaning up" their White fragility somewhat more than other part time racists. They are not White Liberal woke, but just White Liberal privilege bespoke. They are better than Trump, but likely not much more woke than Hunter Biden.

Their flippant comebacks are patheticly White privilege generic. If it would have been Don Jr. or the son of Mike Pence, would these same three White Liberals have given the same cover for such racist remarks? Wouldn't they have associated them with their fathers? Just more White liberal hypocrisy.

We White liberals can't be too high and mighty on Trumplicans if we keep sinking this low. Sad.

Not to discourage current union organizing, but to develop a better future.

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

“It is necessary from the very nature of things that Power should be a check to Power.” – Montesquieu.


Since the owner-worker dynamic began, workers have been trying to get more than a toehold of control. Management usually tries to thwart most of these control efforts. Both sides have good reasons for pursuing their ends, but the reality is that the struggle to find a sweet spot will never end because the process of work will continually change in most industries. …

Yes, it likely requires a sea change in sports. Not something America, under capitalist "rule", is capable of doing very quickly. The money is an awful thing in these kinds of transitions.

It is very similar to going from fossil fuels to clean energy. Too many Americans, and everyone at other times for other things, will come up with the weakest excuses for something they know needs to change.

We are propelled to do things by evolution so reason has no place except where I say.

Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash.


Evolution has hardwired in us various traits. To those traits we must succumb, except for where I have determined another course; only after that determination can I allow you to use reason to alter your world.” — Gad Saad.


That nearly accurate quote, I made up, by the Gad fodder of scientific obfuscation, showcases his ability to get his own way using a messed up form of evolutionary social justice. The main theme he purports is how we are trapped in…

The two party system, or more parties, is not Constitutionally demanded. It was actually something "most" founders were against, at least rhetorically. Anyway, there are political fights, and there are solution systems.

We also need that solution mechanism part. Even if we did not have fights over abortion, gay marriage, etc., Congress would be slowed by other less ideological deep set issues like better roads, etc.

I suggest a workaround system where we are all involved simultaneously, which is posible via technology. This kind of system is the only way to supersede the political party/big money problem. We would develop…

Richard The Chwalek

Writer/Consultant. Wife/Two-20 something daughters. Flyover Midwesterner. RN/Engineer son, been there/done some, antiracist, feminist, ecotarotcardist, politics

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