There is a mono-color-cultural connection to race and IQ science. For some reason, those scientists, of a certain race, who purport its reality have gotten their inspiration, and even some of their data and ideas, handed down directly from the fascist philosophers, and racist pseudo-scientists of the past. How is it possible that today’s mono-color-culturalist scientists come up with the same results their totally oblivious-to-real-science, idiot ancestors came up with using laughingly limited samplings, and ridiculously childish stereotypes?


There is something wrong right here in River of Racism Runs Through It IQ Science-city. Therefore, we need to do…

We The People cede our future to the wealthy, and therefore wiser, I guess.

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Power begets more power. Unless We The People access our rightful part of it, our future will dim. Because people are imperfect we have laws. Systems created by humans are also imperfect, so rules are required to reel in the system, and those involved in it, when anything or anyone veers off course. Allowing businesses to police themselves, and the capitalist economy to simply follow its preordained, invisible five-finger discounted worker path, are ruses that must be eternally banished from consideration. Every citizen and worker is…

The Alamo myth is under fire again for the fostering of White hero worship in schools, the lying, cheating, vicious land grabbing history it suppressed, and denying the state was founded to perpetuate slavery.

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As the book, Forget The Alamo, tells it, the short hairs of Texans are still gripped by their White supremacist past, which holds them in a severely twisted White privileged place. The whites of their denial eyes are easily seen today, glowing brightly under their White supremacy hoodlum hoods, as they are forced by the ghosts of liars, blowhards, and defenders of slavery to quash Alamo…

Steven Pinker makes the current as good as it could be by telling more terrible stories about the past.

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I know Steve has clarified that he was not discounting the difficulties people face today in his books Better Angels of our Nature, and Enlightenment Now. That said, his conservative apologists use his conclusions to do just that. Our better angels do not find conservatives receptive very often, and when invoking these books they sprout horns. But I am not here to write a review of Professor Pinker’s books, or to reference much from them. …

Systemic racism and White insurrection are liberal fabrications, according to the only two surviving, well-read conservatives, as verified by their pseudo-scientists.

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I sympathize with conservatives at these times. As soon as their minds are opening a sphincter smidgen more, we liberals sock them with new ideas, and more knowledge to get woke by. Not being able to keep up can cause frustration and resentment. Of course, liberals hardly ever have trouble keeping up when it comes to deepening discernment and broadening knowledge. But conservatives see our superiority there as elitism rather than liberals being better competitors in that area…

Marking yourself as a traitorous-loser insurrectionist is, as they say, a powerful Aphrodite-act; like the neighbor’s perfumed labradoodle humping your leg.

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Why does anyone do anything? Yes, we can attempt to answer these kinds of questions in a number of ways, badly, bloviating valiantly, energetically, etc. The best approach is to answer such a question straightforwardly. That approach has much to be admired. Unfortunately, to be in vogue today we must pull our punches, just in case one American without critical processing faculties is within comprehending distance.


Therefore, I will be diplomatic, and cut White supremacists the break they…

My critics complain that I speak as if I am, or should be, the last word on everything White; I indulge them.

Me at the Sioux Falls, June 2021.


The complaints and harangues of Whites, and Black apologists for Whites, fall on my deafly (or deftly) loud ear buds. I defend myself only by saying, I have spoken as the one voice of all White people for over five decades, and I have earned the position, so I say. Unless there are better White people than me, that I deign to consider, who else should speak for the sad lot of us but me? Since I…

White fragility is so silly and very scary. It has no evident mooring, but is deeply rooted. White ignorance as to racism is insidious, and willful. The evidence of its ugliness is massive, but the refusal to dig into it is lesion, and the opposition to learning about it is legion. It is a pathetic, lethargic, and dangerous amalgamation of fault lines.

White racism and its imperviousness to eradication is why such people as Trump are possible. If we can nurture such a monsterous systemic problem for centuries, creepy, autocrat idiots like Trump can be easily mass produced. Yet, conservatives, and enough Americans in general, do not seem to understand the full gravity of this corrosive, wilful ignorance.

Helping someone get through a very rough patch is dependency dependent, the argument of a simpleton.

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Why are there more Black unwed mothers with more children than White unwed mothers and children?

There is no other answer, except the standard conservative go-to reason that the cause is government assistance a.k.a. welfare dependency!

Not because of systemic racism.

Not because Black women were less likely to use a highly or moderately effective method of contraceptive than White women. (Pregnancy in adolescents has decreased largely because adolescents are becoming more effective contraceptive users.)

Not because 16% of Black women at risk…

When speaking those words in 1963, MLK was asking us to mull things over for quite awhile, and do it (as the) right (wants), a.k.a. forever slow-rolled.

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash. Introducing the Incrementalism mascot, Snail’s Privileged Pace: Impales Time, and Slimes our Free Space.


“We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there “is” such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.” — Martin Luther King Jr.


Of course, so much was done in the Civil Rights era, and…

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Writer/Consultant. Wife/Two-20 something daughters. Flyover Midwesterner. RN/Engineer son, been there/done some, antiracist, feminist, ecotarotcardist, politics

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