Bully Bigots, Bigwig Blunderers, Badge Asses, Butthead Bosses, And Banal Blowhards.

The Bully Bigot.

The Bigwig Blunderer.

Wealthy white males have a hard time not traipsing off into this dynamic without a clue for what they will do. We cannot stop talking long enough to hear what is really going on. We have the answer before there is a question. We implement our solutions as the real problems rear their ugly heads. So many lives, years and dollars are wasted, then we declare victory as defeat chases us away.

The Badge Ass.

Chauvin’s actions and trial shows up here. Stacey Koon, and the other officers who savagely beat Rodney King. Fake badge ass hat Zimmerman, the killer of Trayvon Martin. And every KKK enforcer ass of the day, and today. These White supremacists, White supremacy enthusiasts, and others have used the power of the state to get away with their hate. Some may call it abusing the state’s power, but those attacks on Americans of color are all too common not to be state sanctioned. Like qualified immunity for White cops, only.

The Butthead Boss.

Most of us have had a butthead boss of some type. But butthead bosses are more than the workplace ogres. These are often the bosses of government offices, or pundits, politicians, police union presidents, and others who have some kind of leadership position. They coerce and cajole us with their words, and deeds, or they attempt to. Many also could be called blathering bores.

The Banal Blowhard.

Autocrats are this. Some can access the entire B.B. horde of horrors. Their lack of originality is blatantly evident. Although some can have deep knowledge in various areas, their use of that knowledge is banal. Others are mostly banal blowhards with power. For example, Trump was not able to attain his fame and fortune do to a creative instinct, it was his money and lack of restraint that empowered his win.

The Conclusion.

Each of the vignettes above could have included much more data, used other examples, made more analogies, and gone in many other directions. That said, the general gist of the essay title and the definitions of each title element captures the complexity of leadership problems we have today, and had in the past, and will always have without some kind of structural change. While incremental changes may get us there some day, that some day is always very, very, very far off.

Writer/Consultant. Wife/Two-20 something daughters. Flyover Midwesterner. RN/Engineer son, been there/done some, antiracist, feminist, ecotarotcardist, politics

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