Solving the Immigration Situation.

Richard The Chwalek
4 min readJan 25

How bad is it, do we make too much of it, or are we merely inept at tackling it?

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The United States is the most advanced nation ever… At least we like to bill ourselves as such. Yet the entire bill may come due sooner than we think, unmasking our façades and hubris. On the other hand, one that came due long ago is the invoice for our Luddite immigration policy, and barbarian border activities. Treating other humans as we would like to be treated has never been our motto. The tired, hungry, and poor have always been a flickering flame of concern, if not a dead ember. Hating on others has been our usual modus operandi. It is time to grow up, and Christianize our unchristian nation.

Hold it right there! I do not mean we were ever, or should be a Christian nation. That was mostly a slam at the fact that our immigration policy, and the activities surrounding it, have never been consistently Christlike in any respect. Unless you are a White immigrant, or your ancestors were. And of course, Christ is not White, and is Jewish. I’m pretty sure Christ was not too happy when we disallowed Jews visas in their escape from the Nazis. These are not the qualifications associated with Christlike immigration rules, regulations,… or commandments: As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

Rather than harp on the failings of our system, who is at fault, or what religion may be a better immigration representative, my focus here is on creating a humane system that America should have been able to develop decades, if not a couple centuries ago, and the advanced elements we can employ today. Immigration is a fact of life in every nation, and will always be. Those who strongly oppose immigration of nearly any kind, or significance, are often looking at their immediate situation, instead of the future or the vibrancy of the entire nation, including its economy. There are many reasons why people oppose any, or too much immigration, but each negative or punitive reaction usually involves a humane blind spot, or an insidious prejudice.

There is one statistic that I must dismiss before we can attempt solutions. The idea is that after a country reaches a certain saturation of new immigrants, it is asking for trouble. Therefore, we should discourage, and drastically decrease immigration, except for the highest

Richard The Chwalek

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