The Multi-Layered Tragedy of Our Constitution.

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  • Slaughtering, forcibly relocating, and stripping Indigenous people of their ways, was another freedom and liberty code corrupter.
  • Beginning with the Articles of Confederation, which favored state sovereignty, was a limiting of doing-things-better plan.
  • Making property rights the be-all and end-all created a power problem.
  • Continuing with an empire increasing and foreign nation punishment schemes even after “acquiring” (49) Alaska, and (50) Hawaii, encouraged future enmity toward the United States.
  • Spreading capitalism worldwide via gunboat sophistry, mostly for the benefit of a few, kept us in the angering-more-peoples’ maniacal mode.

The American Psyche of Bad Traits Memory.

I do not want to overemphasize my ability to know the memory patterns of Americans let alone humans in general, but the American historical record backs up my theory. Americans as a political entity continue to recycle similar bad habits nearly every generation. They may be watered down or redirected, yet these traits are continually regurgitated to the detriment of our improvement. Conservatives will call my perspective relativism; I counter with the assertion that we have a recessive gene of repression.

Theories of Old Overwhelmed by Toxic Mold.

Precedent may be our undoing as a Constitutional law constructed nation. I do not mean legal precedent entirely, or likely mostly, since I am not a legal scholar of any note, and may mix my docket of metaphors. That being said, our laws are a stalwart resting case-place for precedent. Laws coordinate, categorize, and condone our general and specific national beliefs and actions. The problem is laws can be made fungible, and are fallible, otherwise we would not need a Supreme Court to interpret them.

We “The People” Have Been Short Changed.

The concept of We The People and “To the people” do not necessarily exclude the states having separate functions, but to give states rights dilutes the value of individual rights. The same as property rights diluted (in slavery and Jim Crow), and dilutes (today) the value of human rights. Using states as a check on the federal government should never reduce the value of individual rights; those rights should not waver from state to state. How many Americans realize that the Bill of Rights in the Constitution was not applicable to all states originally, and some still are not? This makes sense if you do not remember the Bill of Rights amendments’ debate history, since many of its provisions have been incorporated over the decades, causing the awareness level to drop.

The Delusion Conclusion.

We started with 13 states, and a few more were on the docket by the time the Constitution was ratified. Some founders were worried about the growth of government through additional states, and how such an expanse of geography could be effectively governed. While their initial worries about distance were answered by the telegraph in 1844, the framers of the Constitution overemphasized the value of having states separated by different kinds of laws in respect to human rights. They could not have seen all the ramifications, and challenges, of 50 states plus territories trying to ply through the 21st century as an ungainly group of infighting recalcitrants.

Writer/Consultant. Wife/Two-20 something daughters. Flyover Midwesterner. RN/Engineer son, been there/done some, antiracist, feminist, ecotarotcardist, politics

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