The two party system, or more parties, is not Constitutionally demanded. It was actually something "most" founders were against, at least rhetorically. Anyway, there are political fights, and there are solution systems.

We also need that solution mechanism part. Even if we did not have fights over abortion, gay marriage, etc., Congress would be slowed by other less ideological deep set issues like better roads, etc.

I suggest a workaround system where we are all involved simultaneously, which is posible via technology. This kind of system is the only way to supersede the political party/big money problem. We would develop an ideals algorithm that would prevent mob mentality occurrences –– a worry anti-democracy groups fear. Think of the algorithm as the system's constitution.

Think of it as a reverse "Matrix". Everyone was/is worried about "computers taking over" - but that is if we give the computer "keys" to the political process or the billionaires. We would need to be actively involved, the system would not do things with only our passive involvement. So the system would be set up to encourage more people in multiple ways to be involved.

It is not a magical system, more a rethinking of how we approach our democracy, as in We The People, running the country more effectively. There is one way this relates to the Nazi takeover; they mirrored all the functions of the other government, then "just switched" itself into power when their mirrored systems were powerful enough.

The We The People System is set up to not mirror everything, but to make sure everything is running more smoothly, taking over only where it make sense. This mirroring is what conservatives have been doing for decades, only they have been tearing down, not building up anything better. The WTP System can switch over much faster, and sink its anchors down deeper.

It is not capitalism or socialism, it is a better democracy. We can wrest away things government is doing ineffectively, and we do them. We make the economy work for the workers and citizens. I don't believe in utopias of any kind, most old ideas (capitalism to communism) have too much old shit weighing them down; there is only hard work to work out what works.

There are many other elements, including the basics of the movement to get it rolling. Here is an essay with more of my parallel system idea:

Writer/Consultant. Wife/Two-20 something daughters. Flyover Midwesterner. RN/Engineer son, been there/done some, antiracist, feminist, ecotarotcardist, politics

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