The U.S. Legal System, Particularly Policing, is a Horrible Joke.

The White Privileged Constitution.

First, the founders created the laws to favor White people for centuries. The results are obvious even if how it was specifically done throughout the last 230+ years is harder to see, and believe. Although the Constitution began by considering Black people non-citizens. The Three-Fifths clause was meant to show Blacks as inferior to Whites as represented in the census, and in the state they were enslaved to be counted for congressional representation. The Constitution is the law of our laws.

Our Miscarriage And Interment Of Justice.

True justice was dead on arrival in America. It was given no chance to get in a full breath of oxygen; our 1776 Declaration of Independence was not in much better shape being anemic and pale in its functions for some, and perceptions of others. Its flawed soul was evident almost immediately, when thousands of slaves fled to the enemy’s line for freedom, escaping from a supposedly freedom and liberty desiring people.

The Facts Are The Facts, And Their Impacts.

The specific statistics and facts of why and how these events transpired are out there for you to find. But I know that those who feel threatened by such truths will deny the value or validity of those statistics, whether I offer a direct link to sources or not. Therefore, what I am here to do is deny and invalidate their understanding of constitutional logic, and crime statistics.

Two Kinds Of Stats: Bad & Damnable Statistics.

Back around the early 1900s during the height of Jim Crow, White southerners and their northern collaborators were trying to make the case for keeping Black Americans in the south. As they had been migrating north in droves because Southerners were paying them shit, and lynching them. Instead of not lynching Blacks, and paying them better wages, they tried a statistical squeeze play with their Northern sympathizers.

Arriving In Conclusive Territory.

My interpretation above that posits America did put a pro-slavery position into the Constitution, may not be constitutionally sound, or as literal as I suggest it is. But again, just consider all the scar tissue the Constitution covered over, and the lingering infection it never fully removed, and that we never really have performed any brand-new work. Even a civil war, 600 thousand plus killed, and the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, were not enough to remove all the scar tissue, and infection. Jim Crow still happened.

  • Passing by due process.
  • Plea bargain purgatory.
  • Bailed bonded to death.
  • Stop and frisk for people of color frenzy.
  • Most to many public defender defenseless.
  • A mad quilt of gun laws = mega-death maws.
  • District attorney dooming all of color fiefdoms.
  • Juvenile defendants without a chance or counsel.
  • Focused on speed and volume not evidence or justice.
  • White counties stuffing juries full of Whites in People of Color cities.
  • Exclusionary rule reversals by Supreme Court conservatives;
  • As in no-knock warrant rampages, illegal search and seizure savaging, etc.
  • Police get qualified immunity in kill and inflict punishment communities.
  • Fetid “free” market of lawyer flat fee schemes, and all kinds of jailing themes that are enamored by insuring less freedom for Americans, especially Americans of color.
  • The “free” market will also perpetuate status quo putrid without significant push back.
  • NOTE: Items above are but a pittance of the gunk, funky smelling junk found in our criminal laws, and precedents, and legislation in every part of society including women’s/LGBTQ rights, prisons, environment, white collar crooks, energy, health, gun laws, politics, etc. that stink up and screw up our future. Not because the individual ideas were all wrong, but that they are all weighted down by White male, status-quo foot dragging.

Writer/Consultant. Wife/Two-20 something daughters. Flyover Midwesterner. RN/Engineer son, been there/done some, antiracist, feminist, ecotarotcardist, politics

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