There are also other ways to look at this concept of people getting fired, cancelled, etc. for using a word or the suggestion of certain words. It also shows the growing power of the people who are against its usage.

While it is bad when "good" people get caught up in this changing power differential, we all start thinking for a second or more about how we process our thoughts, and actions. A little hitch in our giddy-up is helpful.

Think of #MeToo, now men start worrying about what they say or do. Do some people on both sides overreact? Sure. There is no real change without some bumps and bruises. What were/are men or the society overall doing to clean things up before these power differentials came into being? Maybe a little, but never enough for the women being abused.

Is your strategy the best way to go? It may be, in a perfectly logical world, where a mind takes in the cues it should. Yet, waiting for that idea to take, and dropping other workable tactics is unrealistic. That is real life as well. It is like expecting everyone to become comedians rather than anyone also being a pastor, politician, pundit, professors, etc.

Are most Black Americans fragile? No. Most White Americans are, but that is another conversation. ;-) Yet, I hear a similar thing from some women who say that "other women should just suck it up, not get angry, play along, be strategic, smarter, less fearful, etc. with their male bosses." Having two daughters, I know each one processes things differently. To expect both to react to a horrible boss the same way is also unrealistic. We need laws, satire, whistleblowers, shaming, calling out, investigative reporting, performance art, etc. to end such harassment, not just "laughing when people call them names, grab their…".

Did protests stop racism? Did MLK speeches stop it? Did Malcolm X stop it? Did SNNC stop it? Did rioting stop racism? Did James Baldwin stop racism? Did Richard Wright stop racism? Did Three Amendments stop racism? What is fragile about striking back? Striking back effectively comes from targeting every point of pressure. It would be better if it was all perfectly argued and calmly achieved, but it will never just happen that way.

White Americans always want the less confrontational approach. Yet, almost no one in the history of the world has ever taken that approach fully, and won their battles. White people, especially conservatives, will freak out no matter what is put in front of them. They even freak out about CRT, which is just ideas. ;-)

There will never be a perfect change revolution, which will always give Whitey an upperhand to some extent, or a larger extent, if we allow the imperfections they see in our side, or we see in our side, to define the validity of the antiracism fight. Yes, there are at least some fragile people, and crazy reactionists in every group. But our priority being ridding ourselves of their input, is just playing into Whitey's game.

(BTW, Whitey does not "need" a color since Whites are the "dominant" power block. And Whites got to determine, or approve of most of those other names. So your comparison "White people are just white" does not really compute. )

While I appreciate the idealism in your strategy, I see it as unlikely to staunch the flow of racism. White liberals have been too indifferent, forever; it hasn't helped much. The opposition throws the kitchen sink into racism. And being White, I know how fluid their racism is, it defies any logic I subscribe to, and will likely flow right around your indifference. Again, your strategy is not wholly ineffective, it just requires almost every other strategy too.

I really like Mike Pesca, and hope things can get figured out. It would be better the people I like never get caught up in the furor, and in a perfect world they would not. But remember the reason this is happening does not have to do with badly woke White culture, it has to do with racism. There would be no bad words related to the color of someone's skin if it weren't for Whites coming up with the concept of "race" - which is a lie, not a real thing.

How many women are raped/assaulted, and harassed, and nothing happens to the male person? No innocent guy should be accused or convicted for those offenses, but we don't even put much effort into going after the men who actually do it. The same can be said for racism. I hear a thousand more complaints from those who hate SJW and merely complain about their ideas/statements, than I hear them actually working on the solutions to end racism.

They don't believe there is systemic racism, so why should they think it is important to fight racism? As long as a Black guy has a rap sheet, White cops can shoot them dead if they are threatened, or feel urine running down their leg. Blacks have one tenth the wealth of Whites, but that has to do with Black culture, Black on Black crime/murder, etc. You know the stories/excuses of racists (better than I) for doing nothing about current racism. Why/how is indifference, or any ten strategies, going to overcome all the statistics that show racism as being rampant? Yes, we have made progress, but few Whites ask that "progress question" of the Blacks mass incarcerated.

I know you are not suggesting just indifference to fight racism, but many Whites thought, and likely still think, pulling up pants and bootstraps is all Black kids need to do, to win in a White dominated society. If that is all they still think is needed, which most do, how does racism get reduced? Merely by White liberals getting out of the way, and Blacks allowing racist statements to go unanswered, then racism will go away? I know you don't think ending racism is that simple, but too many Whites think it is that simple.

I am probably missing a point or two, but this dance has been going on for 250 years. I think it requires so much more than White liberals and Blacks doing their thing better. And pushing other antiracist voices down or ridiculing their strategies, unless violence oriented, will merely stretch the bigotry dance out longer. Uniting, not dividing, then working on our perfection after the fight is won, more fully and systemically.

Of course, we should all improve a lot ASAP. The problem is how much do we spend criticizing or worse antiracism allies, and how much going after the actual a lot worse problems? I don't necessarily mean, White liberals, we may be a lost cause, but things like CRT, BLM, SJW, intersectionality, etc. It is a paradox in too many ways for Black Americans (even a White-savior-complex dude like me can't figure out today). If most Whites are not valid allies, and Black Americans are not a monolith, the near future is bleak.

We need an overwhelming force of unity. Otherwise, the racist dance continues slow mo, status quo, and incidental, fragmental incremental. America, the slow to get anything new and improved in society done show.

PS. Yes, I have read the two CRT linked essays you replied awhile back, and others. RTC

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