This World Is A Scary Place.

Richard The Chwalek
5 min readDec 24, 2021

When I first figured this out I was 58; that was last year.

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In the last 19 months I have realized many things. Having lived a sheltered life, been fawned over and served by others, for more than half a century, it is no wonder that I have just recently figured out things like this world is a very scary place. It has been a humbling experience.

That said, I can truly say that I am glad to have missed out on the previous scary things. While in the new year I hope to revert to my former life of blissful ignorance, I want to impart some concepts, and lessons learned, as well as ask a few pertinent questions.


Politics Are Scary.

When we have a fraudulent election, supposedly worthy of an insurrection, why are the frauds, and Constitution assassins, the only ones with such knowledge of criminality, and so justified in taking their unrestrained anger out on our national capitol?


Geopolitics Are Scary.

So why are Republicans making nicey-nice with the Russians now, when their scariest leader since Stalin is in charge forever? How is capitalist-dictator Putin better than communist-dictator Putin? Some might say it is because a few, very special people, a.k.a. oligarchs, wanted to get certain favors from a democracy-hating autocratic president.

I prefer the common assertion of how crazy, kind of christians are into unzipping Putin’s shorts, and managing his not even a mouthful trade surplus. But I know almost nothing about Trump’s golden shower parties, or nothing I am allowed to elaborate on, or embellish more, here.


Religion in Government is Scary.

I once thought it would be all right to mix church and state, then I saw Betsy Martini and Rossi DeVos was Trump’s Education influenced by her personalized christian Sectcretary. How does a billionaire who invests in private and charter KK Khristian-based schools get to run a department that is mostly focused on public schools, which is what 90% of all K-12 schools are?

I know rich people get ripped off because they are forced by social convention, peer…

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